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Usually when Moldovans 
abroad mention that they are from the Republic of Moldova, people react in different ways. Pretty often, the amateurs of exotic trips say that they have already been to Moldova referring to the Maldives, but when you start explaining to them that in fact it is a tiny country located in Eastern Europe, they remain very surprised and intrigued. So, does it really worth to travel in Moldova? Frankly, in my case - Moldova is my motherland and it will be quite difficult to express an objective opinion. But I will try anyway.  Moldova is a nice sunny landlocked country perfectly-located in the Eastern Europe, between Romania and Ukraine. It is a small green paradise where anyone can find interests on its own taste.

First of all, if you like good wine, here you will enjoy the great variety of this beverage. You may visit such wineries in Moldova as Cricova, Milestii Mici, Chateau Vartely, Et Cetera, Purcari or agro pensions where the house wine is produced. Do you like the nature’ beauty? Then, admire local picturesque landscapes and views. Are you interested in church architecture and religion? Then, visit 
cave churches and monasteries of Moldova such as Old Orhei, Tipova, Saharna, etc. 
Politics? Don’t skip the chance to travel to Transnistria and get back it time to the Soviet Era.

tour guides in Moldova are very professional and informative ready to provide you  with a good bunch of useful information. Travel to Moldova as a tourists and leave as a friend.