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Out Trip to Romania (part 3)

Going down to the underground galleries, eagerly inhaling the iodized salt air, we looked around. We were alone. The steps led us to the underground chapel, with altar made of salt. Next, we proceeded to the underground lake, playgrounds and a ballroom dancing room even. Because of the iodine overabundance we felt slightly dizzy.



We unexpectedly quickly came back, breaking up a few hundred steps in just a couple of minutes. We have got some packs of salt as a souvenir and made for Marginea village, known for its pottery and crafts. In a small shop with a wide pottery choice i have got 2 clay pots for me and my mother.
Afterwards, we stopped at a small restaurant and had some tripe soup and grilled trout. After this lunch, I declare - i love tripe soup! After lunch we had two more monasteries to visit - Sucevita and Moldovita. These pearls of medieval art were surrounded by small hills drowned in greenery and flowers. After our farewell dinner we spent our last night in Romania. Tomorrow we come back home.



May 16 Early in the morning, we said goodbye to Ramona, had a  hearty breakfast, we made for Iasi, our last site to explore in Romania. Upon arrival we parked our car in the city center and went for a walk. In the central square of Iasi we saw a magnificent Culture Palace in the neo-Gothic style. Then we visited the Three Hierarchs church - the true architectural masterpiece. Entering the church, we stopped for a moment. We stood by the graves of famous Moldovan principality rulers – Vasile Lupu and Dmitry Cantemir. Iasi atmosphere looked very similar to Chisinau and the locals spoke familiar to us dialect that made us feel like home. An hour later, we arrived to the Moldovan customs which we passed through very fast.

Сonclusions: Romania – is a wonderful country which you may visit many times and open its new faces every occasion. The first thing you may notice in Romania – is its breathtaking nature. The air transparency allows you to see even the horizon. Crossing the country from north to the south, you may appreciate the diversity and beauty of Romanian landscapes. Even if you are too urbanized and usually you do not pay your attention to the nature, here you will be amazed by its untouched beauty. The hospitable and friendly Romanians are always glad to treat their guests. Seeing one day this splendor, you will never forget Romania. A great desire to return here will haunt you for life.