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Our trip to Romania (part 1)

So, on 09th – 16th May, we are in Romania. O
ur goals: to get to the mountains region,  to see as many medieval cities of Romania as possible, to experience staying in the countryside and to get acquainted with the traditional Romanian cuisine and culture.

May 9 
We hit the road early in the morning this day. Itinerary for today - Huşi - Vaslui - Piatra Neamţ. On the way, the most fascinating place we have visited was the Bicaz gorge - a place where a sense of inner joy and fear are twisted together, as the rocks are literally close up over our heads. Near the Bicaz gorge, we saw an outstanding natural lake - Lacul Roşu (Red Lake). For lunch we stopped at the restaurant in the neighborhood and had some trout. It was very delicious and inexpensive. In Gheorgheni village we saw nomadic Roma in horse carts, with guitars and colorful clothing. Frankly, I thought that the Roma have sedentary living, such as our Roma from SorocaFrom Gheorgheni we went to a place Corund, one of the most important ceramic centers in entire Europe. It produces amazing pottery since the world exists. Our next point was beautiful Sighişoara, home city of the notorious Count Dracula. From Victoria I found out that the city was founded in the XIII century by Saxon colonists. Here we visited the house where Count Dracula has been lived. It is a restaurant now. After strolling around the city, we started to Brasov. We arrived there at about 10.00 pm, quickly checked-in and went out for dinner to try famous “ciorba cu tarhon” - traditional soup for Transylvania region. The soup was great!!! After dinner, we went back to the pension. Despite the fatigue, I could not fall asleep for a long time. I reflected the events of the past day in my mind and looked forward to the upcoming adventures.



May 10 In the morning after breakfast - a walking city tour about Brasov, a very nice and clean town, surrounded by beautiful green hills. We visited a Lutheran church built by Transylvanian Saxons called the "Black Church." - named so after the tremendous fire, during the Great Turkish War. 

After the fire the church was renewed, and has changed its appearance, but however the name Black Church remained. Brasov is located close to the Bran Castle, which we visited a bit later. Very crowdy place...
This high interest confirms the enormous popularity of Dracula's castle, among the tourists. According to the legend, this castle was visited by a famous governor Vlad Tepes Dracula, and the area around Bran, was his favorite hunting ground. 

The next destination in our itinerary this day was the Peles Castle. Even though the heavy rain, we were in a good spirit. We had to wait the visitors' group to get together. Our guide was quite experienced and knowledgeable, and he sharpened our attention on some interesting details such as door padlocks, hidden bookshelves buttons, bizarre design of spiral staircases, and many other fancy things. I must say, the castle was very progressive: in 1883 it had central heating and it was the first building in Europe and second in the world where the lift was installed! Definitely it was the most beautiful place I've ever been to. In 40 minutes later our tour was over. Outside it was still raining cats and dogs; we got into our car and slowly drove down the mountain winding road. Around 04.00 pm we have arriced to Bucharest. In the evening we went out for a wine tasting accompanied by traditional Romanian cuisine. It was a professional tasting presented by a world-class sommelier Stefan Teres, who had a special sommelier apron and a metal scoop on the chain – his knowledge qualification attributes. Another fantastic dinner. 


May 11
The 3rd day of our adventure has come. We drove around the northern part of Bucharest, where the Triumphal Arch, the Romanian Peasant Museum, George Ionesco Museum and Parliament are located. My first impression of Bucharest – it is a twist of contrast with majesty at the same time. Without a doubt, life here is in full swing from early morning until late at night. After a little walk around the old downtown we had a cup of coffee and came back to the car. We faced a difficult task - to leave this megalopolis as faster as possible in order not the get stuck in a rush hour traffic jam. Victoria drove hard down the streets of Bucharest as the local manner of driving is aggressive and unpredictable. Finally we left the city and in one hour later arrived to the Cozia monastery, which was one the sites in our “must see” list.
An hour later we were in Sibiu - the European Capital of Culture 2007. In order to experience the atmosphere of the Saxon town, we parked the car near the central square and went for a walk. As just by walking, you may fully feel the spirit of the city. We stopped at the Liars Bridge, the first iron-cast bridge in Romania. There are a few legends that try to explain the origin of the bridge’s name, one of the legends says that the clients were fooled by the merchants from the Small Square used to throw them off the bridge to give everybody a lesson. 

Another legend says that this bridge is used by locals to swear to love each other eternally. For sure I will come back here with my boyfriend before my wedding. After our city tour we left the city and started to the Glass Icons Museum in Sibiel village. This settlement is world known for its well preserved traditions and culture, as agro-tourism is particularly well developed here, and every second house – is a pension, where you may overnight. We checked-in at the pension named Sibiel. Adrian and Nicholas, the owners of that house shared the dinner with us. We spent a couple of hours chatting with them, drinking and eating. They told us a lot about village life and fake weddings organized by them for tourists. Sibiel village is an unique place with traditions for centuries being visited by VIP such as Prince Harry for instance. We had no wish to go to bed, but tomorrow another interesting day is waiting for us.