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Teambuilding in Chateau Vartely

Teambuilding in Chateau Vartely

Whatever your choice, “Ways Travel” offers you some options for your teambuilding activities.
 With great pleasure we kindly suggest you a special weekend for acquaintance, appreciation and tasting of the best Moldovan wines. During this visit you will discover various wines’ flavors and wonderful traditional cuisine.

1 Day:
Today we’ll visit one of the most picturesque sites of Moldova – the Cultural and Natural Reserve "Orheiul Vechi" (Cave Monastery Complex) - 55 km from Chisinau. Here you will see an Orthodox cave monastery called “St. Maria Dormata” expanded and modified inside the cliffs by the monks over the centuries ago and preserved in a functional state. After excursion we’ll have lunch with folk program at the Moldovan family pension located in the neighborhood village. In the afternoon we’ll continue with tourist complex "Chateau Vartely" - 20 minutes’ drive from "Orheiul Vechi". After check-in, we’ll have excursion, wine tasting and dinner.

2 Day:
Regarding Team Building, we suggest the following activities:

1. Master Class "Potter’s wheel" People are invited to discover the pottery art and to participate in the production process with the support of the local craftsman.

2. Master Class "Vine’ Basket" Participants are invited to practice in vine’ weaving art and to make vine’ baskets with local craftsman.

3. Contest "Wine Boxes" Participants are divided into three teams and are invited to complete wine boxes. Activities: bottles’ cleaning, labels’ attaching, papers’ packing, boxes’ assembling and finally filling the boxes with wine’ bottles. Time challenge’ competition. There is a gift for each team – the box of wine.

4. Contest "Mafia" - a roles’ game for a group of people gathered together. To play "Mafia" group is divided into two subgroups - the first subgroup plays the role of "Mafia" and another one - ordinary citizens. The task of each subgroup is "to disclose" the other subgroup. Return to Chisinau.