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Cooking and Cultural Trip to Romania

Cooking and Cultural Trip to Romania


Come to Romania to enjoy the real life of this beautiful country. You’ll meet local people, have the chance to see and feel how they live, what they cook. Romania is an interesting country. We are at the Eastern border of Europe, having in our cuisine influences from the Orient but also Western ones. For example, you will find here the famous Mediterranean “sarma” (to be found in Turkey and Greece) but in a Romanian version. This means that we do not use vine leaves, but sour cabbage instead; we do not fill it with rice, but with pork meat; it is not an appetizer, but a main course and we can tell that the taste is wonderful! Come and meet our mixed culture, our orthodox world and our pre-Christian traditions.

You’ll receive a Romanian cookbook in English with recipes that you will cook yourself and we guarantee you will not have the same food twice in your meals. You’ll visit three most important regions in Romania and enjoy one full day in each region with the locals.

DAY 1 Friday

Arrival in Bucharest, welcome cocktail, briefing, dinner and check-in.

DAY 2 Saturday

Short sightseeing of Bucharest and departure to Sibiu. On the way we’ll see the most beautiful orthodox monastery in Vallachia, Curtea de Arges monastery. We arrive in Sibiu in the afternoon, an important cultural center in Romania, which was chosen to be the European capital of culture in 2007. Short city tour, dinner and accommodation.

DAY 3 Sunday

Your first encounter with the local life. We depart at 9.00 in order to take part at the orthodox service in the village. Some of you could take part at the cooking process itself. You will be divided in 2 teams, each team will have to go to a hostess and cook a menu, different from each other. After the service, each team will go and eat what the others have cooked. You’ll learn how to make:

-    Dumplings soup/ Noodles soup

-    Eggplant Salad / Baked peppers salad

-    Romanian stew / Ragout

-    Romanian cheese pie/ Crunchies

In the afternoon, we can teach you to paint icons on glass and after a full day, late afternoon we will return to Sibiu where we will have a light dinner.

DAY 4 Monday

We will depart early in the morning so as to have enough time to reach the Northern region of Romania called Bucovina, over Cluj and Bistrita, and to have the chance to visit at least one of the famous UNESCO painted monasteries from 16th century. Dinner and check-in.

DAY 5 Tuesday

Again we will go to a local family and learn how to cook local food. You will cook:

-    Mushroom soup/ Local chicken soup with garlic

-    The famous “sarmale”/ Chicken with sour cream

-    2 different local cakes “papanasi” (a kind of donuts) and “poale in briu”

Again you swap and taste what the others have cooked for you. In the afternoon you’ll learn how to paint the famous Easter eggs from Bucovina.

DAY 6 Wednesday

We head back to the Southern Romania, over Bicaz Gorge and visit the famous UNESCO citadel in Transylvania, Sighisoara, and reach the Brasov region. Before arriving to our hostesses we’ll also visit Brasov with its famous Black Church.

DAY 7 Thursday

Today you’ll learn how to cook:

-    Meatballs in soup and a special salad (salata a la boef)

-    A special dish based on fish (saramura de peste) with corn mush and “plachie de peste” another dish based on fish

-    Famous local cake (cozonac) and Romanian pancakes with different fillings. In the afternoon we’ll visit the Dracula Castle.

DAY 8 Friday

Departure to Bucharest, through Sinaia, where we stop to visit the Peles Castle.
In the afternoon we’ll visit the kitchen of the most famous Restaurant in Bucharest - Jaristea, and get some experience of a professional chef. Dinner.

DAY 9 Saturday

After a sightseeing of Bucharest we will depart to the airport and fly back home.