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Teambuilding in Purcari

Teambuilding in Purcari

Day 1

Today we’ll visit Transnistria - the State that doesn’t exist. After breakfast, we start the trip that takes 1 hour to the border with this breakaway region. Day trip to TIRASPOL (capital of Transnistria) - where the old USSR is still alive. Here you will see the symbols of Soviet times – hammer and sickle, red star reflected on the coat of arms of Pridnestrovian Moldovan Republic, etc. City tour includes: Supreme Soviet (Parliament), V. Lenin monument, Square of Soviet Constitution, walk down the main avenue, World War II & Afghanistan War Memorial, and visit to the famous Distillery Plant "KVINT". Lunch and KVINT divines’ tasting.

In the afternoon we head to the south-eastern part of Moldova – Purcari region, 1.5 hours’ drive from Tiraspol. After check-in at Purcari 4* hotel, you are invited to have dinner accompanied with elite Purcari wines’ tasting.


Day 2:
Regarding the Team Building, there are following activities:


- Real Forger: Rules of this competition – fast and correctly to prepare the wine’ bottles for sale and to pack the wine’ boxes for transportation. Participants are divided into 2 or 3 teams. Every team has – 6 wines’ bottles, 6 labels, 6 sets of packaging paper, 1 box for wines’ bottles and glue. Time, quality and speed challenge competition.  


- Sommelier We’ll need 3 teams per 3 people for this contest. There are three stages of this competition:
-      Smell sense

-      Touch feeling

-      Taste Sense

There would be three tables with 3 different objects each. 

1 table

-      Sense of smell: parsley, cheese, mint

-      Feeling: rice, wet sponge, glass

-      Taste: Cahor wine, apple juice, ice cream 

2 table

-      Sense of smell: dill, Parmesan cheese, black pepper

-      Feeling: buckwheat, ice, wood

-      Taste: wine Chardonnay, water, fruit jam

3 table

-      Sense of smell: celery, cheese with mold, basil

-      Feeling: wheat flour, peacock’ feather, cork.

-      Taste: wine Cabernet, orange juice, honey.

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