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Chisinau is the capital of the Republic of Moldova. It is a city full of magic that hides more curiosities. So many generations have contributed to its development, so that it now becomes what it is. For the first time the name "Chisinau" is dated July 17, 1436. Chisinau receives the status of city in 1812 (population 7 thousand people) and becomes the administrative center (capital) of Bessarabia region in 1818, having 18 thousand people. Today, this is the home of more than 800,000 citizens.

The first urban transport was the horse-drawn tram, which appeared in 1878, and the first electric trams appeared in 1912. Chisinau has a motocross route. In 1969 the World Motocross Championship was held here. 

In the Soviet period, food for cosmonauts was produced in Chisinau: 20 types of juices, 15 types of fruit sticks with different flavors, fruit peels and vegetables. Today, the municipality of Chisinau generates about 60% of Moldova's GDP! Chisinau ranks 16th in the world in terms of Internet speed with 21.02 Mbps and 47th in the top 100 major cities in Europe.

Chisinau is in the Top 20 the greenest capital of Europe. The city of Chisinau is located on seven hills in the shape of a circle. In Chisinau there are 300 monuments, busts and commemorative plaques. One of the smallest monuments in the world is in Chisinau: the bronze figurine of the Little Prince in Valea Morilor Park - 11 cm. Saint Lazarus Cemetery in Chisinau is the largest surface cemetery in Europe. According to estimates, it has almost two million square meters.

"The city of white stone" is the other way that is called Chisinau. The respective nickname comes from the abundance of the buildings built of white limestone. In Chisinau there are 149 primary, secondary and high schools, 29 secondary and post-secondary technical vocational education institutions, 25 universities, 49 public libraries, 25 cultural houses, 17 theaters (professional), 543 sports buildings (Stadiums, gyms, swimming pools, etc.), Museums (including branches).

Want to know as much details, statistics and facts about this wonderful city? Then book this tour! 

1 st Day

Highlights of Chisinau

Included highlights:

Start the day with a visit (no tasting) to Milestii Mici Underground Wine City, mentioned also in the Guinness Book of Records for having the biggest wine collection in the world. The length of this underground winery is 200 km at a depth of 40-85 meters. The constant temperature of 12-14ºC and the humidity of 85-95 % of this „kingdom of wine" ideally contribute to the full revelation of natural characteristics of elite wines. 

Next let's have fun while discovering the downtown of Chisinau!! We will not only learn about history and architecture of the city but also sample some excellent wines produced by small Moldovan wineries. 

We will see: The Ethnography Museum, The Nativity Cathedral, the Arch of Triumph, the Park of Steven the Great with monuments, the City Hall, Souvenirs Market, Central Post Office, the Government building, the Parliament and other administrative buildings of the downtown. 

At the end of the tour we will stop to a local Wine Bar where we will try 3 types of local wines accompanied by the traditional Moldovan Pie – “Placinta”. 


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Hi, Natalia! I contact you in order to thank you for your help, guidance & company while i was in your country. I will have to say, i did particularly love being with you, on those 2 trips i made. If you don’t mind me saying so, i think you are a lovely & charming person, and it was a great pleasure for me to meet you.

Dear Victoria,

Please accept the endosed as a token of my thanks and appreciation. I have been lucky enough, over the years, to have traveled to many destinations, and to have experienced every sort of guide. In my opinion you are right at the top, one of the select very few who manage to “get it just right”.

Like any skilled job, guiding is something that, when done well, it looks easy! You and I know that is not the case; it’s a tough, demanding profession that few individuals do adequately, and even fewer, well. Hardly any do such a great job that their clients feel cared for, safe, valued and special. You, in my view, are one of those rare tour leaders.

Please, accept my small token of gratitude. You have been kind, lightful, knowlageble (extremly), considerate, tolerant, efficient, reliable… I could go on, but to spare your blushes I will end by saying I cannot find a single criticism (this is a rare thing for me – I have very high standards!).

Your company depends for its success on your delivering what they promised. You have done professionaly this with a smile, a sense of humor, and grate dignity.

I wish you all the luck in the world for the future & thank you for leaving me with not only happy memories but with a positive impression of Moldova.

With very best wishes, Veronica.

Victoria, Just a short note to say thank you very much for everything on Sunday. Despite the long and tiring journey caused by the road closure in Ukraine, we thoroughly enjoyed our day, and learned so much about Moldova, Transnistria and Ukraine. We particularly enjoyed discovering Tiraspol, as it's such an unusual place and gave us a glimpse of how life was under the former Soviet regime. Because British history is relatively simple, with few invasions and no changes of borders, we struggle to understand the complexities of European history. 

We were very impressed with your understanding - and with your excellent English language skills in explaining it all to us. It certainly brought to life our visit to your country. I hope your journey back home was a little easier than the one to Odessa. Please give our thanks to our driver on the day - I'm afraid we do not recall his name but we appreciated all he did to negotiate the way through the border crossings for us and to get us to Odessa as quickly as he did despite the obstacles. Good luck for future success in your career. If you are ever in England and are able to visit our area, do not hesitate to give us a call. We could show you the historic city of Winchester and the busy port and waterside areas of Portsmouth, which I'm sure you would find interesting. Thanks again for everything.